ClaroLux® - Bringing Their Manufacturing Back To The USA

100MEDIA_IMAG1125This is the first die our new machine shop foreman, Jeremy Pegram, made today!  This will be one of many dies we will use to make our light fixture components.  The die shown is our CL-AL1 and CL-AL1-III top that will be spun on our new CNC spinning lathe.


ClaroLux is very close to moving all of its manufacturing out of its facility in China and back to Greensboro, NC, USA. We take pride in our products and not many people in our industry today can say that their products were “Proudly made in the USA!!!

Products that are made in the USA are on the rise.  ClaroLux saw this trend in the later part of 2011 and begun taking the appropriate steps to bring its production home.  Over the past two years ClaroLux and its design team have been going through the entire ClaroLux line, from top to bottom, trying to see how they can make their products better.  At ClaroLux we are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and we feel with this move we will once again be leading the industry to an entirely new level of quality.

When you are in the market looking for a quality lighting system that is going to withstand the test of time, make sure that you are buying the best…

ClaroLux Landscape Lighting – A System That Lasts A Lifetime…Guaranteed!  High-end, US Made, Landscape Lighting Products.