DBR Grease Tube Connectors

Direct bury splice, DBR Grease Tube Connectors with Copper Crimps from ClaroLux are the best way to protect your landscape lighting system’s connections. These DBR’s are premium moisture-resistant connectors that offer a solid physical connection for stranded copper cable, and prevent wicking of water.

ClaroLux’s DBR Grease Tube Connectors are offered in two sizes, medium (50/bag) and large (25/bag), consisting of copper crimp connectors and high impact, black, UV resistant tubes. Filled with Non-Melting, Synthetic, Dielectric Sealant that keeps the voltage in and corrosive elements out.

They are UL-listed for direct burial and rated for 30V.

Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 4 in


  • Medium: 50/bag bulk
  • Large: 25/bag bulk
  • Finish: Black Plastic
  • Filled with Lithium Grease
  • Meets UL Code
  • Made in the USA
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