Built with Superior Materials

ClaroLux uses only the purest corrosion-resistant metals available. ClaroLux landscape lighting fixtures will maintain a beautiful exterior finish, and the integrity of the interior components keep our systems shining bright for years and years. Superior materials make superior lighting systems, and ClaroLux utilizes the best components at every step in the process. 

Landscape lighting systems are an investment that can add enjoyment to your daily home life and increase your property value. ClaroLux manufactures professional grade fixtures, comprised of premium materials, and never scrimps on quality to ensure that our clients get the highest possible return on their landscape lighting investment.

Brushed Copper

Antique Brass

Custom Color

Partner Testimonial

“Working with ClaroLux over the last several years has been a real pleasure. As we have tried so many manufacturers over time, often with disappointing results, I adopted a mission to simplify sourcing and reduce the number of SKUs on our shelves. In order to do that, I need to be able to count on a quality fixture line-up, at a fair price. The more we continued to work with ClaroLux, the more I felt this was the line that would help us get to the next level. That has proven to be true, time and time again.

When the pandemic hit, sales spiked and supply chain issues crippled many. With their main facility here in the USA, ClaroLux was largely unaffected and we never missed a beat. In fact, they continued to supply us on time in spite of our ever-increasing volume. On several occasions, we required a custom solution and Brian was happy to work through options with us, supplying just a few units at an honest price. But the real gem here is Demetra and her customer service team. When supply got really tight, she kept a smile on and maintained communication, getting us what we needed when it was critical. Most importantly, they care about our business.

ClaroLux Landscape Lighting is a valued supplier and a greatly appreciated partner.”

Naturescape Lighting
Mike Deo

Passion. Innovation & Ethical Practices

Designing, machining, finishing and assembling many of our own fixtures allows us to provide our dealers with the absolute top of the line lighting systems. We don’t chase low-cost labor across the globe, instead we harness the knowledge and power of our North Carolina workforce to produce the best products in the industry, installed by the best dealers. #AmericanJobs

We reinforce this commitment to quality by exclusively selling products to our approved Authorized Dealers. This ensures that every  installation is completely professional, with direct service on hand, giving all of our clients complete peace of mind.

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