Area Light Adjustable Poles

ClaroLux’s Area Light Adjustable Riser Poles are great for elevating luminaires above the plant material, and match seamlessly with all ClaroLux’s outdoor lighting fixtures (same material, finish and thickness).

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 19 in


  • Precise Fixture Height for general and
    seasonal adjustability
  • Illuminating shrubs, walls, small statues,
    mailboxes, and landscape accents


  • Wire AWG: 18-2
  • Wire Lead: 25ft
  • Lamp Type: BiPin 20W
  • Structural Lifetime Warranty

> Download Adjustable Riser Poles Spec Sheet | PDF


  •  Available in Custom Colors & Finishes
  • Comes in sizes: 12″-24”
  • Constructed for Extreme Conditions
  • Made in Greensboro, NC USA
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