Why do I need UL Listed Landscape Lighting?

As a landscape lighting professional, we know you’re committed to the highest standard of quality for your clients – and the cornerstone of quality is a focus on the safety of your materials, processes, and final product.

No matter the project, you can count on ClaroLux® for the highest-quality, UL Listed landscape lighting fixtures so you can provide homeowners with the safest lighting systems.


What Does “UL Listed” Mean – and Why Does it Matter?

“UL” Stands for “Underwriter Laboratory.” UL Listing ensures a product is safe, properly designed, and correctly manufactured – UL Listed products are both initially tested and undergo quarterly inspections to ensure the product continues to maintain UL standards for safety.

The Underwriter Laboratory makes sure wire sizes and other components are correct and safe for their current application, ensuring devices can safely handle the current and will perform safely for the homeowner. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires the use of UL Listed products when available. In our industry, UL Listed products are readily available – so a contractor in the landscape lighting industry should always comply with the NEC and install UL Listed products.

Keep it Safe with ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Every ClaroLux® fixture has been tested by the Underwriter Laboratory to meet or exceed the UL standard for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems. To ensure the safety of your clients and your business, make sure you’re set up as an authorized ClaroLux® dealer.

To access products with the highest standards of safety and quality, explore the new Our upgraded website makes it quicker and easier to order the same safety-tested, high-quality ClaroLux® lighting products you love. 

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