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Customize Your Fixtures with Specialty Colors

Most landscape lighting fixtures are a similar shade of metallic brown or black. This helps the fixtures blend into the nightscape. However, a growing number of home and business owners are looking to match their fixtures to their dormers, soffits, fence posts, and more—which means more colors are needed to achieve the same discreet effect. That’s where ClaroLux’s Custom Color options come in!

We currently offer 13 Standard Color options, including Antique Brass, Brushed Copper, High Gloss White, Semi-Gloss Black, Semi-Gloss Sandstone, Antique Copper, Brushed Brass, Semi-Gloss Nickel, Semi-Gloss White, High-Gloss Black, Textured Bronze, Matte Textured Rust, and Stainless Steel. 

If you don’t see the color you need listed, we can also color match with our Custom Colors!

The Benefits of Custom-Colored Fixtures

Blend Lights Seamlessly Into Landscapes, Hardscapes, and Architecture 

Custom colors are a great way to keep the focus of the design on the beautiful lighting effect instead of the lighting fixture, especially when creating lighting designs to illuminate architecture features, decks, and staircases that are often painted black or white.   

Bill Raphael of Prestige Outdoor Lighting in Shallotte, North Carolina, has used the custom color options in his lighting designs to hide fixtures, such as the DL6 Raleigh Deck Light, in plain sight. “So typically the DL6 Raleigh comes in what’s considered an architectural bronze or brass, which is not really a solid black,” Raphael says. “Some people […] would rather go with a solid black so it’s exactly the same color as the fence post, so it’s really invisible.”

Increased Durability

For all our custom colors, we use a special, UV-stable powder-based coating. Under normal weather conditions and with proper care and maintenance, our fixtures won’t fade, turn hazy, or yellow over time.  

Our powder-coating process starts with using specialized equipment to spray a powder-based coating evenly onto each fixture. The color is then baked onto the fixtures in an oven, which hardens and seals the color. 

Raphael finds the durability of custom colors a selling-point when offering the option to his customers. “When we’re in the design stage and I actually visit the property, I will offer the customer the opportunity to choose custom colors with the understanding that there’s going to be an up charge for that. But it’s something that’s going to help protect the fixtures and make them last a lot longer as a result of that investment.” 

Endless Creative Options

Whether your customers are looking to make the fixtures disappear into their architecture or want to use their fixtures as statement pieces in their outdoor spaces, our custom color options are almost endless! In addition to our thirteen standard color options, we can also create true, custom colors and get the perfect look and perfect match, every time.     

Ready to Place a Custom Color Order or Want to Learn More?

Simply give us a call at (366) 378-6800, contact your sales representative, or place an order online through our Dealer Portal

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