Customize Your Fixtures with Specialty Colors

A growing number of home and business owners are looking to match their fixtures to their dormers, soffits, fence posts, and more—which means more colors are needed to achieve the same discreet effect. That’s where ClaroLux’s Custom Color options come in!

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3 Reasons We Use CNC Machines to Craft Our Fixtures and Accessories

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are a big part of our world—and you might not even realize it. CNC machines are used to make anything and everything, from engine blocks to jewelry.   Here at our Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing facility, we use our CNC machines to craft premium landscape lighting fixtures! From glass holders to

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Five Innovative Ways We Protect Our Fixtures from Moisture and Insects

If you’ve been installing landscape lighting for any time at all, you’ll quickly realize that almost nothing kills a fixture faster than moisture and insects. Electricity and water are at natural odds with each other, and bugs complicate things by sneaking inside unsealed fixtures, shortening the lifespan of the lamps.    We’ve thoughtfully designed our

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What finish should you choose for landscape lighting?

As a professional lighting designer, you work with your clients to install landscape lighting systems that are functional and beautifully designed. That mix of quality and design aesthetic matters down to the very last detail, including as you’re selecting a finish. For all our products, ClaroLux® uses only the purest non-ferrous metals available to withstand

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Image is Everything

Distinguishing your business in the market place is an ongoing challenge in virtually every industry, but as it pertains to outdoor lighting, the distinct value you bring to your customer rests squarely on your design.

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