Mini Beam Gutter Mount

The Gutter Mount is an easy-to-affix, sleek accessory bracket that pairs with Mini Beams to light upper segments of structures. The low profile of the Gutter Mount makes it an unobtrusive lighting option compared to traditional uplight fixtures.

The stainless steel bracket is engineered to work with the various sizes of Mini Beams and offers 30 degrees of vertical adjustment. It can also be painted to match its surroundings. Includes two bracket mounting screws and zip ties. Mini Beam sold separately.

Use Upper Segments of Residential or Commercial Structures, Like Dormers, or Other Architectural Features
Finish Stainless Steel
Includes Gutter Mount, Mounting Bracket Screws, Zip Ties
Warranty Lifetime
Order Without Light Source

Fits any Mini Beam



  1. Attach the Mini Beam to the Gutter Mount using the supplied bracket screws.

  2. Attach the Gutter Mount to the facia of the structure.

  3. Adjust the gimbal bracket to the preferred location and tighten the screws.

  4. Secure the Mini Beam wire to the Gutter Mount bracket using the supplied zip ties.

  5. Wire the Mini Beam into a low voltage power supply.

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Mini Beam Gutter Mount
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