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The ClaroLux Story: The History of Our American-Made Business

Rooted in Greensboro, North Carolina, ClaroLux® offers a line of high-quality, thoughtfully designed outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories – helping people around the country illuminate their homes beautifully.

So, how did our story begin?

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BL23 Stationary Socket by ClaroLux

ClaroLux’s New BL23 Stationary Socket with Cooling Fins

The BL23 has now received all new internals which includes a billet aluminum socket with cooling fins.

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BL23 Ravenna Up Directional Light | ClaroLux Landscape Lighting

One of Texas’ Best Landscapers Uses ClaroLux’s Lighting Products

Joel Mayor, owner of Texas Outdoor Lighting, took to the air to show off his recent landscape lighting projects in Austin, Texas. When it comes to landscape lighting, Texas Outdoor Lighting, is one of the best in Texas.

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ClaroLux manufactures award-winning landscape lighting products and accessories. We invite
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