ClaroLux’s WFL26 LED Wash Light

The Charlotte WFL26-III LED Wash Light is among the most versatile in ClaroLux’s line of high quality, high performance landscape LED luminaires. It is also one of the smallest luminaires that ClaroLux has to offer. Unlike many of the square casted mini-wash light fixtures that have flooded the landscape lighting world, the Charlotte has a unique form and function allowing its sleek silhouette to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

But do not let the size of the luminaire fool you; it packs a big punch! The WFL26 mini-wash light has a higher lumen output when compared to its competitors due to its innovative design.

ClaroLux's WF26 LED Wash Light vs Unique's Stellar

ClaroLux’s brass WFL26-III Wash Light is hands down the best compact brass LED wash light on the market. See how it compared to the Unique’s Stellar brass wash light above.

More and more people across the country are demanding a high quality product and the results above show why.

The WFL26 mini-wash light is machined from solid brass bar stock, assembled with stainless steel hardware and sealed with two silicone o-rings. This 12-Volt fixture is as durable as it is magnificent. The wash light has several patented features like a 180˚, built-in, adjustable reflector shield. This gives the WFL26 not only the ability to soften the light output but also the ability to shield the light glare. The Charlotte also has an optional frosted glass lens available for purchase.  See how the light output of the WFL26 compared to Unique’s Stellar brass wash light below.

ClaroLux's WFL26 vs Unique's Stellar Photometrics

The results of the test showed that ClaroLux’s WFL26 had a much cleaner, crisper light due to the design and reflective properties of the luminaire. The Unique’s Stellar brass wash light performed well but the light output was not near as crisp and clean looking as the WFL26. The Stellar had less light spread and the color of the light was hindered by the design of the fixture.

ClaroLux’s WFL26 wash light is proudly designed, manufactured, finished, and assembled in the USA (with domestic & imported materials) exclusively by ClaroLux, and backed by their Lifetime Warranty.

Don’t settle for inexpensive imports that will only cause you headaches down the road; use the best, ClaroLux Landscape Lighting Systems.

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