What’s New At ClaroLux Landscape Lighting

ClaroLux® is starting the year out with a couple new great landscape lighting fixture accessories. Check out what is new below…

ClaroLux WL16-Grass Ring:


ClaroLux’s New WL16 Brass Rings are manufactured from solid brass and stained to match all of ClaroLux’s antique brass WL16 landscape lighting luminaires. The 7.4″ brass rings are available for the WL16-RS-III and the WL16-FT-III ClaroLux In-Ground WL16 Well Light fixtures. The grass rings are great for applications such as needing to place the WL16 Well Light fixtures in bermuda grass or areas where the WL16 needs to be protected from being covered up.  The WL16 Ring gives ClaroLux’s Well Lights a custom finished look that help the fixtures blend seamlessly into hardscaped areas.  All of ClaroLux’s Brass Well Light Grass Rings are manufactured with pride in ClaroLux’s manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA.


Stainless Steel Gutter Mount – Great For Areas That Get Snow:


ClaroLux’s Patented Adjustable Gutter Mounts are made out of US aluminum 6061 and 304 stainless steel.  The adjustable gutter mounts in aluminum are offered in either white or bronze powder coat.  The stainless steel GM100’s are made for Northern climates where snow drifts can place pressure on the gutter mounts. The material for the stainless steel mounts are twice as thick as the aluminum gutter mounts therefore they can withstand a lot more pressure. The 1/2″-14 NPSM female threads enable the GM100’s to attach to any ClaroLux fixture or riser pole.

ClaroLux’s gutter mounts are truly revolutionary. The universal mounting plate can be easily attached to the gutter mount plate and requires no tools for adjusting the fixture. If you want to illuminate a roof line or the peak of a house simply attach ClaroLux’s patented gutter mount to the fascia board or gutter then position the fixture where you want it. It is the #1 choice among landscape lighting professionals. The gutter mount plate includes two mini thumb screws so you can hold the position angle of the fixture. The universal mounting plate has 360˚ of adjustment.

All of ClaroLux’s patented gutter mounts are made with pride in ClaroLux’s manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, USA.


AL-WFL26 & WFL26 Glare Shield:


ClaroLux’s Glare Shields are manufactured out of solid brass and copper to match ClaroLux’s AL-WFL26 and WFL26 landscape lighting fixtures. The adjustable, stainless steel, allen head screw on the glare shield enables the accessory to be attached to either the AL-WFL26 or WFL26 luminaire. The glare shield is fully adjustable so any angle can be achieved to prevent light glare. Each glare shield comes with ClaroLux’s Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

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