Copper Landscape Lighting Fixtures – Made Proudly in the USA

At ClaroLux Landscape Lighting, our team is often asked: why copper landscape lighting fixtures are often the preferred option for outdoor lighting fixtures when the landscape lighting system is located within 25 miles of the coast.  In addition to its natural beauty, copper is ideal for landscape and outdoor lighting fixtures because it will never rust or corrode.  Rust and corrosion quickly destroy unprotected aluminum, iron, and steel if they are left out in the elements, particularly in damp, coastal environments.

Copper Landscape Lighting Fixtures - Patina


For example, if you live near the coast, you would not want to buy just any type of outdoor lighting. The salt air from the ocean can oxidize and destroy light fixtures made from cheaper materials such as aluminum. Copper is always a better solution for coastal environments. When copper outdoor light fixtures are left out in the elements, they will last for decades while developing a beautiful natural patina.

When you choose carefully, your outdoor lighting system can last forever and ClaroLux’s American made copper landscape lighting fixtures work beautifully with any architectural style. All copper ClaroLux fixtures are made from US grade copper and brass fittings in our Greensboro factory in the heart of North Carolina.

ClaroLux offers many different copper fixtures that will fit most of your lighting needs

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