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NEW! ClaroLux LED Lamps: Better and Brighter in Every Way

After months of development, we’re excited to announce the roll out of our newest line of ClaroLux LED lamps! Our brand new MR11, MR16, and PAR36 lamps offer a higher level of clarity, purity, and beauty than ever before. Today, we want to highlight the top three new-or-improved features of our ClaroLux LEDs:


Higher Power Factor


The power factor of an LED can be calculated using a little bit of trigonometry — but don’t worry we’re not going to go off on a trigonometry tangent here! To keep things simple, when you hear the words “power factor,” think efficiency and heat management. Our new line of LEDs feature power factors in the high .90s—which means they are nearly 100% efficient!   


90+ CRI  


CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a scale from 0-100 that measures how true-to-color objects appear under artificial light, such as LEDs. Using LEDs with higher CRIs allows you to create more visually-stunning landscape lighting designs.    


Single-Diode LEDs


Traditionally, a single LED lamp is made up of multiple LED diodes. This has been the standard in the industry for years. However, there are a couple downsides to these LEDs, including issues with diodes casting shadows and the loss of light purity should some diodes go out. By switching to a single-diode LED, our new lamps offer the highest standard of light purity.


From energy efficiency to color clarity to light purity, our new line of ClaroLux MR11s, MR16s, and PAR36s is better and brighter in every way. See the difference yourself! Contact us at (336) 378-6800 and place an order today!


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