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3 Reasons We Use CNC Machines to Craft Our Fixtures and Accessories

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are a big part of our world—and you might not even realize it. CNC machines are used to make anything and everything, from engine blocks to jewelry.  

Here at our Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing facility, we use our CNC machines to craft premium landscape lighting fixtures! From glass holders to fixture bodies, the majority of ClaroLux’s fixtures and accessories feature CNC-machined components. 

What Are CNC Machines?

CNC machines are high-tech manufacturing equipment that can be controlled on a x/y axis (high school algebra really does have practical applications after all!) to shave and shape materials, such as raw brass and copper. Because they are controlled by a computer, they provide a high standard of precision and efficiency compared to other manufacturing equipment.

The CNC machines we use fall into two categories: mills and lathes. Both machines have tables that move left and right and a spindle that moves up and down. However, there are some notable differences between the two. One of these major differences is the shape of the object they craft:  

  • Lathes shape cylindrical objects, such as the threads that connect the body of our BL21 “Tivoli” Up Light to its glass holder and its base. 


The last and most important element of our CNC machines are our CNC machinists! These skilled ClaroLux team members input the information into the CNC machine and perform regular quality control checks on our fixture components.

Why We Use CNC Machines

When you’re looking for quality and precision in manufacturing, CNC machines are the answer. However, there are benefits even beyond the incredible accuracy that CNC machines offer. 

Cutting-Edge Innovation

One of our core values is innovation, which means we are constantly re-evaluating our fixtures to make them the best they can be. By using CNC machines, we can easily change or upgrade our fixtures to better suit our customers’ needs.  

Cost and Time Effectiveness

When it comes to consistency, CNC machines are cost- and time-effective compared to other manufacturing methods, such as wire EDM and laser cutting, that require extra time and effort to clean up inaccuracies and mistakes.  


Finally, because of our CNC machines, we’re able to craft fixtures that can withstand the weather even better! For example, our CNC-machined glass holders with stainless steel snap-rings and o-ring seals are designed to help prevent moisture and dust intrusion and are one of the numerous ways we’ve improved our fixtures to protect them from everyday weather conditions. 

Our CNC machines are just one more way that we go above and beyond to provide the best landscape lighting fixtures possible! Have any questions about our CNC machine process? Contact us today at (366) 378-6800.

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